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Affirmations is the

Ancient Art of Decreeing 

They are the ancient diamond tools of inner transformation. 

The tools of sharp precision, that are chiselling away all the deception and lies you tell yourself about who you are, or accepted from others as your truth.

Affirmations is you telling your body the Truth.  They are helping you to erase the fog from the filters of your consciousness and to free trapped brilliant light within your heart, by dissolving all the illusions of who you thought you were.

Affirmations helping you to empower yourself and to reveal the pure truth of who you truly are.  Closing the  door to your old  beliefs, and opening the new door to a life of freedom on all levels.

When you begin to recite the new affirmations, it’s best to do it standing up in front of the mirror, observing the way you feel about them.

Does it feel comfortable to say it?

Do you feel an emotional connection with those words?

Or do you feel disconnection and inner rejection?

Remember, you have to be sensitive to your own feelings, as you continue decreeing, slowly changing your old beliefs.

Your feelings are mirroring the current state of your consciousness.  By continuously repeating new affirmations,you are retraining your mind to accept the new truth about yourself.  Day by day building your confidence and changing the emotional state within you.  Slowly emerging from the darkness of your reality into the light of your new life.

To know the truth is to know the nature of who you are!  When you truly begin believing and feeling in your Heart, it is like being born again as a new empowered version of yourself.

Affirmations are not a quick fix, but the most effective tools with diamond precision and inner transformation, helping you to change yourself and your life.

Perseverance is a key to success!  Consciousness is very different to thinking. 

Thinking is the language of the mind and higher consciousness is the language of the heart.

Our subconscious mind doesn´t know the difference between past and future, between truth or lies.  For the subconscious mind everything is happening right now!

That is why it is so important to state the affirmation in present tense with positive feelings as if they are true right now.

Consciousness is an infinite field of information, always expanding and evolving, compared to the small mind, which is always limited to the constricted belief of what it knows to be  true.

Keep on affirming the New Truth about yourself daily.  First thing in the morning, just after you wake up (best in front of the mirror).  Second time before you go to sleep (best in front of a mirror).  Until it feels like your truth!


When you affirm: I Am that I Am - you acknowledge that  God is a driving force of all you want and is in your life.