About the Author

Diana Esther

Speaker | Author | Spiritual Teacher | Transformational Coach | Soul Doctor

Diana Esther is an author, poet, speaker, transformational coach and an inspirational teacher.

She delivers the most profound knowledge of enlightenment in her own unique, loving, simple and intuitive way.

Her love for life and miraculous recovery from lymphatic cancer, as well as an extraordinary triumph over numerous life challenges, made her an expert in her field, teaching by example and out of her own personal experience, helping her clients to transform their lives, experiencing greater joy and wellbeing.

She is a true seeker of the truth of life.

Unlocking the doors of wisdom and knowledge and turning the keys to more happiness and joy.

Like a diamond, that was shaped and moulded under a massive amount of pressure and exposed to the high temperatures of the inner crust of Mother Earth, she was shaped and polished by the forces of life and her divine destiny.

Like a diamond, it took her many years of learning and experimenting, transforming and moulding herself, developing trust and perseverance, melting away limitations and crushing all the barriers, that were in the way of her own brilliant light.

Her journey, took her across continents and made her a true Soul Doctor, and Transformational Coach, helping others to connect to the light within, finding their life purpose and developing stronger health, inner peace, balance, harmony, well-being, trust and perseverance on the journey to becoming flawless and brilliant.