The Diamond Journey

It takes time for a diamond to be formed. Through billions of years and a massive amount of pressure, becomes the hardest substance on the planet.

Every diamond is unique and so is every human being.

Like a precious diamond, becoming stronger, more brilliant, and more precious with every new lesson of life.

From time to time, a book comes along, that changes your life.

A book that opens your heart. A little window into the universe, helping you to connect to your inner light and the wisdom of your sacred heart.

This book is about exploring your human diamond journey of life.

From the diamond in the rough to a magnificent, shining, brilliant, sparkling beautiful jewel.

This book, is a practical, guiding tool, the map of life, the treasure chest of wisdom, that was revealed to me bit by bit, helping me to overcome many of my life challenges.

Helping me to transform those challenges into sparkly blessings, becoming more brilliant, shinier, happier and fulfilled, living my purpose, and like a diamond, I was formed, moulded, and polished under enormous pressure and through numerous life tests and lessons.

This book is a window into your diamond heart and the luminous consciousness of your brilliant mind.

The seed of love, that is within your DNA structure and the biology of your soul.

This book includes my personal journey, the diamond journey of my soul. I hope it helps you as much as sharing it, helps me.