Welcome to my world, to the world of love and light, to the world of happiness and joy, to the world of unity and peace, to the world of inner fulfilment and bliss.

Welcome to the world of the future in the present moment.

If you found this book, at this point in your life, you’ve been divinely guided by the loving intelligence of your spirit.

Whether you are searching for more love, more happiness, more joy, loving relationships, more abundance or your true life purpose, you are always welcome at the home of unconditional love, where everything is possible without limitations.

Like two diamonds, that look alike, but are completely different, we are all precious and uniquely different externally and internally.

Most valuable of all the cuts is a brilliant cut diamond, that has 58 polished facets.

According to the mystical ancient art of numerology, every number has a vibrational energy field, that has a deep and meaningful expression of its own, interacting with our human energy field, and influencing our divine destiny.

58 is the number of a brilliant diamond cut, composed of compound numbers 5 and 8. By adding together 5+8 = 13

Expression of number 13 = Unconditional Love.

For centuries, number 13 has been associated with bad luck.

Making people feeling negative and fearful toward this number.

There is no coincidence, that the most positive, loving and powerful number was given an extremely bad reputation, preventing people connecting to the power of unconditional love.

Instead fearing the most positive expression of life - love itself.

Through our individual life journey, we evolve from the diamond in the rough, being tumbled and conditioned by the family environment and the educational systems, developing personal programming from a very early age, that blocked our brilliant light.

As we grew older, by overcoming various life challenges and continuously polishing different facets of our individual personalities, slowly melting away limiting beliefs and beginning to see yourself as being unique, important, valuable and precious, becoming more and more brilliant with each and every day.

Just know, wherever you are right now in your diamond life’s journey, it is where you are supposed to be.

The higher intelligence of life, will reveal your true path at the right divine timing.

My intention for this book, is to be your loving guide, your candle in times of darkness and uncertainty.

To help you ignite the light within your soul and to find all the precious jewels in your sacred heart.