Dear Reader

This book was born from the light and passion of my soul, to find the truth of life and to experience the feelings of unconditional love, happiness, and joy.

My journey took me from life in the former Soviet Union, deeply covered with a veil of darkness and lies, into the light of Truth, Hope, Wisdom, Love, and Freedom for all.

From the hopelessness of the moment, fearlessly stepping into the unknown, with only a burning desire in my heart, to meet my true destiny and to see my dreams fulfilled.

I had no knowledge, no clarity or understanding of the invisible universal rules of life, but deep inside my gut, I always felt the strong trust to move forward without any proof, surrendering into the Voice of my Heart.

With every challenge in my life, my courage grew stronger, making me believe in myself, and to follow my passions and divine inspiration.

May your mind and heart will be aligned in harmony with your divine destiny, bringing you happiness and joy.

May the brilliant light, from the depth of my heart, help you to ignite the spark of divine light within you.

Sharing the joy of the diamond sparkle, the truth of life, and the passion of hearts.

May your personal journey always be guided by the voice of love and inspiration of your soul.

And may the words of the divine empowerment, help you to create the life of total fulfillment, love, inner peace, balance, harmony, and bliss, pulling Heaven down to Earth.